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Lysozyme ELISA Bulk Pack (Stool, 20 Plates)

Item #: KR6900.20 Category:
Method: ELISA
Sample Type (Matrix): Stool
Sample Volume: 15 mg
Species: Human
Incubation time: 2h 10m
Standard Range: 1.1-30 ng/ml
Size: 20 x 96 wells
Regulatory Status: For research use only in the U.S.
Kit Manual: Download

The Lysozyme ELISA Bulk Pack (Stool, 20 Plates) is an enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of lysozyme in stool. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The Lysozyme ELISA is compatible with our IDK Extract® Stool Sample Preparation System.

Please inquire about pricing, as each Lysozyme ELISA Bulk Pack is customized to meet the needs of your lab.

If your lab tests in lower volumes, the Lysozyme ELISA is also available in a single-plate format.

Developed by Immundiagnostik AG.

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