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At Immundiagnostik, we pride ourselves in being not only a provider of high-quality immunoassays and detection methods but also a trusted, long-term partner to laboratories of all sizes. We offer a variety of IDK® Services to help your organization remain competitive and continue to evolve.  

Together, we can discover solutions on the cutting edge of science and develop reliable detection tools to apply toward improved clinical outcomes. 

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IDK® Validation Assistance

Laboratories must continuously update their testing menu to help improve clinical care and remain competitive. However, the process of validating a new assay takes time and effort that most labs simply are not able to commit to regularly due to existing projects and a lack of resources. 

We offer IDK® Assay Validation Assistance Services that can be tailored to your lab’s needs to fully support your validation.

IDK® Custom Bulk Packaging

Many high throughput laboratories today are establishing initiatives to not only keep up with the demands of testing but also reduce waste and maximize lab and storage space while saving as much time and money as possible. Although these goals can lead to long-term benefits, we know the process of getting there can be a long, challenging road for labs of all sizes. However, consolidating products and selecting immunoassay kits with condensed packaging is a simple first step. 

IDK® Customized Bulk Packaging Services are available for high throughput laboratories working to reduce their environmental impact, maximize lab and storage space, and increase efficiency at a lower cost. 

IDK® Proficiency Testing

In the instance your lab adopts an esoteric test and interlaboratory data is unavailable, Immundiagnostik can provide IDK® Proficiency Testing Services to help confirm lab-to-lab consistency. Proficiency Testing is also included with our Validation Assistance Services for these unique solutions.

Additional IDK® Laboratory Services

When resources are limited, it can be difficult for labs to not only meet testing demands but also continue to innovate. Our partners at Immundiagnostik AG in Germany welcome opportunities to collaborate with laboratories around the world to help you succeed. 

If your organization is understaffed or does not have the specific equipment needed to run an Immundiagnostik test, we provide IDK® Analytical Services to labs of all sizes and can run any IDK® assay at our facility in Bensheim, Germany. 

Additionally, when you cannot find the specific assay you need, Immundiagnostik can help create and validate an assay to meet your lab’s needs. With IDK® Custom Assay Development, you can collaborate with our team of experts to develop a potential solution that fits your workflow. 

Contact IDK® to Get Started

Interested in learning more about any of our IDK® Services?

Contact us to schedule a call to discuss your lab’s initiatives and how we can help you meet your goals. 

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