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At Immundiagnostik, Inc. we pride ourselves in developing and manufacturing the highest quality immunoassays and laboratory detection methods; however, we know technical issues are inevitable. Whether your organization is a small research lab or a large CRO, our IDK® Support Team is here to assist you when using any of our kits.

From general product and procedure questions to full validation support, our highly experienced Technical Applications Team is here to guide you through every step and equip you with the knowledge needed to process your samples accurately and efficiently.

Here are just some of the ways we can help your lab.

Our Technical Applications Scientist Jamie working on her laptop.

General Product and Procedure Questions

When you are not familiar with an assay or detection method, questions naturally come up. No matter how small your inquiry may seem, we are more than willing to help you find an answer.

In-person and Remote Technical Support

Are your plates continuously failing?

Are you seeing a lot of positive results or none at all?

Is there high variability in test results between lots?

Sometimes all you need is another set of eyes to look at your data to help you understand if the issues you are experiencing are reproducible and rule out other possibilities. We always begin by helping you remotely. If we cannot resolve your issue in this way, we can come on-site to troubleshoot alongside you in your lab.

Dedicated Validation Assistance

While validating a new test is beneficial to expand your offerings, we know these projects can be a huge undertaking. We provide in-person and remote validation support services to your lab, so you do not have to reallocate resources for these projects.

Each validation program is customized to meet the needs of your lab as well as ensure product and sample availability.

Our Technical Applications Scientist, Jamie Bolduc will assist you through all phases of validation and train your lab team with support from our network of experts. Following validation, we will provide continuous remote support and training, while also ensuring lot-to-lot consistency to avoid variability issues. If your lab is adapting an esoteric test, we also offer proficiency testing in partnership with Immundiagnostik AG to fulfill any lab accreditation requirements.

Remember, these are only some of the ways we can help you. If you are seeking assistance with any of our products, contact us today to get your questions answered.


Contact Our Support Team

Remember, these are only some of the ways we can help you. If you are seeking assistance with any of our products, contact our support team to get your questions answered.

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