We understand the environmental impact of our products within the lab diagnostics industry, which is why we are responsible for doing everything we can to minimize it. From manufacturing and shipping to office operations, Immundiagnostik, Inc. continuously aims to make improvements to help support the diagnostic community and reduce lab waste.

Discover More About Our Green Initiatives

Here's How We Help Reduce Lab Waste

3 Easy Tips to Help Reduce Waste in Labs

Learn tips about how you can begin to reduce the environmental impact of your work while also increasing throughput and freeing up much-needed lab space.

Eco-friendly Kit Packaging

Discover more about the bio-based, compostable materials made by Paper Foam®.

Customized Bulk Packaging

Meet the demands of testing while minimizing unnecessary lab waste.

Other Ways We’re Reducing Our Impact

Recyclable Shipping Materials

Rather than using traditional bubble wrap, styrofoam packing peanuts, and plastic packing tape, we have transitioned to recyclable shipping materials.

Repurpose and Reuse

Whenever possible, we reuse materials from incoming shipments, such as cool packs, boxes, and padding, in our own outgoing shipments.

No Plastic Drinkware

We no longer keep plastic water bottles in stock at the office; instead, we encourage our team to refill their tumblers with filtered water.

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