Immundiagnostik Transitions to Eco-Friendly Assay Kit Packaging

Immundiagnostik, Inc. Transitions to Eco-Friendly Assay Kit Packaging to Further Support Sustainable Laboratory Initiatives

Immundiagnostik, Inc., a North American immunoassay supplierhas transitioned its ELISA and assay kit packaging to eco-friendly materials made by Paper Foam® to further support sustainable laboratory initiatives. In addition to this new bio-based packaging, the organization offers custom bulk packaging services for high throughput research and clinical labs working to reduce their environmental impact.

A green eco-friendly badge that will be on Immundiagnostik's new Eco-Friendly Assay Kit Packaging.

“Many of our customers have been requesting more sustainable ELISA and assay kit packaging since we opened in 2018,” explains Immundiagnostik, Inc.’s Chief Operations Officer, Terry Fisher. “Our partners at Immundiagnostik AG in Germany selected the high-quality, durable bio-based materials from Paper Foam® to meet this need without sacrificing kit performance.”

In addition, Immundiagnostik has developed a customized bulk packaging service to assist high throughput labs in not only meeting the demands of testing, but also minimizing unnecessary waste. The company tailors its bulk packaging services to meet the needs and initiatives of each lab by consolidating assay kit and shipping materials to help reduce unnecessary waste.

“Research and clinical organizations have established initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and maximize lab and storage space, all while saving as much money as possible,” says Jen Mayes, Chief Sales Officer at Immundiagnostik. “We know the process of reaching these beneficial goals can be very challenging though, which is why we developed our customized bulk packaging service as an easy way for labs to take that first step.”

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