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IDK® Gluten Fecal ELISA (Quantitative)

Item #: KR9309 Category:
Method: ELISA
Sample Type (Matrix): Stool
Sample Volume: 3 g
Species: Human
Size: 96 wells
Regulatory Status: For Research Use Only in North America.
Kit Manual: Download

The IDK® Gluten Fecal ELISA test is intended for the quantitative determination of Gliadin 33mer in stool samples. The test is compatible with our IDK Extract® Stool Sample Preparation System.

Gliadins are a class of proteins present in wheat and several other kinds of cereal within the grass genus Triticum. Gliadins, which are a component of gluten, are essential for giving bread the ability to rise properly during baking. Gliadins and glutenins are the two main components of the gluten fraction of the wheat seed. This gluten is found in products such as wheat flour. Gluten is split about evenly between the gliadins and glutenins, although variations are found in different sources.

Gliadin is the alcohol-soluble component of gluten. After being taken up with food, gliadin is digested resulting in smaller fragments, one of which is gliadin 33mer. This molecule passes the intestinal epithelium and forms a complex with transglutaminase. This complex binds to the epithelium where it is attacked by lymphocytes.


  • Monitoring Celiac Disease (CD) and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) patients for adherence to a gluten-free diet (GFD).
  • Monitoring accidental gluten consumption due to mislabeling or food/product contamination.
  • Assisting in the diagnosis of a true "refractory" CD that is not related to accidental gluten exposure.

How to Order the IDK® Gluten Fecal ELISA

To arrange for this doctor-ordered test (Gluten, Fecal, Quantitative, Labcorp test number 123027), contact your physician’s office. Additional information is available at

Learn more about Immundiagnostik, Inc.'s partnership with Labcorp here.

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Weight35.5 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 10 × 4.5 in
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