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Custom Bulk Packaging Services for High Throughput Laboratories

Many high throughput laboratories today are establishing initiatives to not only keep up with the demands of testing but also reduce waste and maximize lab and storage space while saving as much time and money as possible. Although these goals can lead to long-term benefits, we know the process of getting there can be a long, challenging road for labs of all sizes. However, consolidating products and selecting immunoassay kits with condensed packaging is a simple first step. Immundiagnostik, Inc. offers custom bulk packaging services for high throughput laboratories working to reduce their environmental impact, maximize lab and storage space, and increase efficiency at a lower cost.

A photo comparison of our bulk packaging versus the equivalent of 20 individual kit boxes.

How IDK® Custom Bulk Packaging Services Can Benefit Your High-Throughput Lab 

We tailor our custom bulk packaging services to meet the needs and initiatives of your lab by consolidating assay kits and packaging materials to help save storage space, all while reducing unnecessary waste. By bundling materials for your organization, you can also take advantage of our volume discount program for additional savings.

Is your lab struggling to keep up with an increased volume of testing? We consult with you to understand your testing volumes and ensure inventory is always ready for you. 

Are you experiencing lot-to-lot variability with your current assay provider due to high volumes of testing? We work with our colleagues at Immundiagnostik AG to produce an individual lot sequester of assay kits specifically for your lab, therefore reducing variability issues and increasing your testing efficiency. 

Additionally, if storage and lab space is limited, we can reserve inventory for you in our warehouse until you are ready for more. We always ship materials overnight to ensure they arrive at your facility as soon as possible and avoid delays in your testing turnaround times.



Available for Any Immundiagnostik Kit

We support bulk packaging services for any Immundiagnostik product, but here are some of the assays we are currently providing to our clinical laboratory partners: 

  • 1,25 (OH)Vitamin D Slurry 
  • Pancreatic Elastase 
  • Secretory IgA 
  • EDN 
  • Hemoglobin 
  • Zonulin 
  • Oxidized LDL 
  • Candida IgA, IgG, and IgM 
  • Stool Sample Preparation Tubes 

Start Increasing Lab Efficiency with Custom Bulk Packaging Services

Contact us to discuss your lab’s testing goals and determine if our custom bulk packaging services can benefit your organization.

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