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Method: ELISA
Sample Type (Matrix): EDTA Plasma, Serum, Dried Blood
Sample Volume: 10 µl
Species: Human
Incubation time: 2h 10m
Standard Range: 9 - 250 ng/ml
Size: 96 wells
Regulatory Status: FDA Class 1 Exempt. For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Kit Manual: Download

The ox-LDL/MDA Adduct ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of ox-LDL in EDTA-plasma, serum, and dried blood spots. The test also recognizes MDA-modified apolipoprotein B 100, even if it contains less than 60 MDA units per molecule.

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Weight35.5 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 10 × 4.5 in
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