WTF: Why the Frog? The Story of Franz

Over the years working with Immundiagnostik, you may have seen our IDK® Extract product literature includes a lounging frog wearing sunglasses and asked yourself, “WTF? Why the frog?”

You’re not alone.

We at Immundiagnostik, Inc. have asked each other the same question but assumed it was simply an image that resonated with the German market where our parent company Immundiagnostik AG is established.

However, we learned there was more to this story upon investigating the frog’s origin.

It all began with Immundiagnostik’s CEO, Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster, and his home garden, where a small sculpture commemorates his love of amphibians among the blooming flowers and plants.

A frog statue wearing sunglasses and laying in a garden.

Why Is the Frog on IDK® Extract Materials?

The IDK® Extract is a stool sample preparation system that can help eliminate the need for manual weighing. A “completely relaxed” process, if you will.

A frog wearing sunglasses and holding the IDK® TurbiTUBE®.

As it turns out, researchers have also been investigating the benefits of going #2 in a froggy position on the toilet, with a person’s feet raised off the ground to allow for a more “relaxed” bowel movement.

Thus, our original thought that this frog didn’t make sense in our marketing was proven wrong. He could not be more relevant to our business!

Over the Summer, we embraced the frog and let our social media followers name him. Appropriately enough, they named him Franz after Dr. Armbruster, which is the perfect way to honor our CEO and his passion for research and love of frogs.

Frog Symbolism

Frogs are a symbol of abundance, growth, and ancient wisdom. They are pure and bring peace and prosperity to those in their presence.

Keep an eye out for Franz in our social feeds and travels throughout 2023!

Franz the IDK® Frog wearing sunglasses standing with his hands in the air.


Our complete stool analysis solution allows for the determination of several parameters from a single stool sample using our proprietary universal extraction buffer for more consistent and hygienic sample preparation.

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