Vitamin C HPLC Kit

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Product Specifications

Method: HPLC
Sample Type (Matrix): Li-Heparin Plasma
Sample Volume: 200 µl
Species: Human
Standard Range: Isocratic
Size: 100 Tests
Regulatory Status: For research use only in the U.S.


The Vitamin C HPLC Kit is intended for the quantitative determination of vitamin C in plasma.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For Laboratory Professional Use Only.

This is the RUO version of Immundiagnostik part number KC2900.

We also offer a Vitamin C Colorimetric Microtiter Plate Assay.

Test Principle of the Vitamin C HPLC Kit

The first step in determining vitamin C is the precipitation of the higher molecular components. After their removal by centrifugation, the supernatant is injected into the HPLC system.

The vitamin C analysis via HPLC follows an isocratic method at 30 °C using a reversed-phase column. One run lasts 12 minutes. A UV detector records the chromatograms. The quantification is performed with the delivered calibrator. The concentration is calculated by integrating the peak areas/heights by the external standard method.

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