IDKmonitor® Infliximab Total ADA ELISA (Health Canada)

Product Specifications

Method: ELISA
Sample Type (Matrix): Serum, EDTA Plasma
25 µl
Species: Human
Incubation time: 3h
Size: 96 wells
Regulatory Status: Health Canada Licensed. Not for sale in U.S.


The IDKmonitor® Infliximab Total ADA ELISA is intended for the determination of human antibodies against TNFα blocker infliximab (e.g. REMICADE®) in the presence of infliximab in EDTA plasma and serum.

Health Canada Licensed. For Laboratory Professional Use Only.

Not for sale in the U.S. Please contact us to order or get a quote.

If you are in the U.S., you can purchase the RUO version of the Infliximab Total ADA ELISA.

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Test Principle of the IDKmonitor® Infliximab Total ADA ELISA

The IDKmonitor® Infliximab Total ADA ELISA is used for the determination of antibodies against TNFα-Blocker infliximab (e. g. REMICADE®).

During sample preparation, the anti-drug antibodies (ADA) are separated from the therapeutic antibody in order to acquire free ADA. By adding the conjugate (peroxidase-labeled therapeutic antibody) and the tracer (biotinylated therapeutic antibody), the unmarked therapeutic antibodies are replaced, and the marked antibodies can form a complex with the ADA. This complex binds via biotin to the streptavidin-coated microtiter plate. It is detected via the peroxidase conjugate with the peroxidase converting the substrate TMB to a blue product.

The enzymatic reaction is stopped by adding an acidic solution. The samples convert from blue to yellow. The color change should be measured in a photometer at 450 nm. The interpretation is made using the cut-off control.


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