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We discover solutions on the cutting edge of science and develop reliable detection tools for laboratories to apply toward improved clinical outcomes.

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Other Services

Our team provides guidance throughout the process, from your initial consultation to on-site training and continued remote support.

Validation Assistance Services

Expert-guided assay validation assistance services tailored to your lab’s needs.

The IDKExtract® Stool Sample Preparation System Bulk Pack (2000 count) placed next to 20 regular kits.

Custom Bulk Packaging

Reduce your lab's environmental impact, maximize storage space, and increase efficiency at a lower cost.

Technical Support

Technical Support

From general product and procedure questions to in-person support, our team is here to assist you.

Our Team

Terry Fisher

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Mayes

Chief Commercial Officer

Jamie Bolduc

Technical Applications Scientist

Christi Unger

Business Development Manager

Terry Fisher

Chief Operating Officer
Immundiagnostik's Chief Operating Officer

“Do what you can not to prove them wrong, but to prove to yourself it’s possible.”

Team dynamics have been a driving force throughout Terry Fisher’s life and professional career. He is a purpose-driven leader who has held positions at the U.S. Department of Commerce, IDEXX Laboratories, and ALPCO and has also studied in Poland and Turkey. Terry’s diverse experience equipped him with the diplomacy and negotiation skills needed to consider everyone’s goals and work as a team.

As Immundiagnostik’s Chief Operating Officer, Terry is dedicated to doing the right thing for his clients and employees. He savors the challenge of growing something out of nothing, particularly when others may not believe in his vision. To Terry, it is not about proving your critics wrong but about proving to yourself that you can accomplish anything you desire.

Outside the office, you can find Terry spending time in nature with his family or cheering them on from the sidelines at one of their various sports. He looks forward to collaborating with others in the industry to discover new solutions that benefit everyone, from development to individual care.

Jennifer Mayes

Chief Commercial Officer
Immundiagnostik's Chief Commercial Officer

“It’s in my DNA to help people solve problems.”

Building genuine, human relationships has been Jennifer Mayes’ guiding light all her life. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Jen was taught the values of teamwork and fearless leadership from an early age by her family. These beliefs, combined with her energetic and engaging personality, allowed her to become a natural-born leader.

Jen has held Sales leadership roles at Janssen (then Johnson & Johnson), LabCorp, Seacoast Pathology (Aurora Diagnostics), ALPCO, and Enzo Life Sciences. Her professional experience has helped her understand how the life science research, laboratory diagnostic, and healthcare industries are connected and support one another.

Today, as our Chief Commercial Officer at Immundiagnostik, Inc., Jen describes herself as someone who is unable to check out when challenges arise. She is passionate about helping people solve problems and moving forward in a collaborative way that benefits all. To Jen, that means sometimes going against the grain to do the right thing.

Jen most cherishes time spent with her daughters. She also loves music, being outside in nature, traveling, and experiencing new places and people. Someday, Jen looks forward to sharing her professional experience and personal values with others by mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Jamie Bolduc

Technical Applications Scientist
Immundiagnostik's Technical Applications Scientist

“My life is a science experiment.”

With a personal interest in public health and epidemiology, Jamie Bolduc knew early on that a medical career was not for her. Being the caring and compassionate person she is, she felt medical lab science would be a space to pursue her passion for learning how science can help people.

Jamie has a degree in Medical Laboratory Science and received her board certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Before joining our team, she was a Technical Applications Scientist at Zeus Scientific, Inc., and worked as a Serologist at the Mayo Clinic.

With her extensive background and wealth of knowledge, Jamie now helps us provide top-notch technical support and assay validation services to the lab professionals we serve as our Technical Applications Scientist. She often jokes her life is a science experiment. She has become an in-house mentor to all of us here at IDK, Inc., helping our team further understand the intricacies of clinical laboratory science.

When Jamie is not assisting our customers, you can find her hanging out with her family or giving back to the community through charity work for Autism Speaks, New Hampshire Families in Transition, and the American Cancer Society. She loves to travel and is always up for trying something new.

Christi Unger

Commercial Product Manager
Immundiagnostik's Business Development Manager

“Science is part of my being.”

For over ten years, Christi has worked in various areas of the biotech industry, from research and development to product management and marketing. Her professional background has allowed her to combine her love of science with a passion for showing other women working in STEM (and beyond) that they have all the strength and power they need to achieve success.

As Immundiagnostik, Inc.’s Commercial Product Manager, Christi approaches her work like a scientist. With natural curiosity, she absorbs the details of a project and views the bigger picture to uncover correlations that can lead to a strategic solution.

Christi enjoys arts and crafts outside the office, reading, cooking, and exploring new places with her two young daughters. She is also a professional lumberjack, firefighter, and advanced EMT. 

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