Zinc-Protoporphyrin / Protoporphyrin HPLC Kit

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Product Specifications

Method: HPLC
Sample Type (Matrix): EDTA-whole blood
Sample Volume: 200 µl
Species: Human
Standard Range: Isocratic
Size: 100 Tests
Regulatory Status: For research use only in the U.S.


The Zinc-Protoporphyrin / Protoporphyrin HPLC Kit is intended for the quantitative determination of zinc-protoporphyrin and protoporphyrin in EDTA whole blood.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For Laboratory Professional Use Only.

This is the RUO version of Immundiagnostik part number KC2700.

We also offer a Porphyrins HPLC Kit.

Test Principle of the Zinc-Protoporphyrin / Protoporphyrin HPLC Kit

A cell disruption is the first step to determine the zinc protoporphyrin or the protoporphyrin. In the second step, precipitation is carried out to separate higher-molecular substances. After their removal by centrifugation, the supernatant is injected into the HPLC system.

The separation via HPLC follows an isocratic method at 30 °C using a reversed-phase column. One run lasts 10 minutes. A fluorescence detector records the chromatograms. The quantification is performed with the delivered calibrators, and the results are calculated via the external standard method using the integration of the peak area and a calibration line.

In parallel, hemoglobin concentration measurements are required because the zinc-protoporphyrin concentration is related to the hemoglobin concentration.

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