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Preventis: Health Through Prevention

Preventis is a global diagnostics company and trusted partner to laboratories and healthcare providers looking to offer fast, reliable diagnostics for both prevention and therapy monitoring. The quantifiable Preventis rapid testing kits are evaluated using a smartphone app, making patient diagnostics possible anywhere at any time. Whether used to help improve patient therapy management, simplify preventive diagnostics, or independently monitor health from home, QuantOn® technology offers many possibilities to your lab, pharmacy, or practice.  

Jen Mayes and Terry Fisher, owners of IDK, Inc.


  • Innovative rapid tests + Smartphone app technology
  • Accurate results in minutes
  • Step-by-step video procedures
  • User-friendly sample collection and preparation
  • Free app usage

Preventis SmarTest® Vitamin D: Determine Vitamin D Levels in Minutes

The Preventis SmarTest® Vitamin D is an innovative digital rapid test allowing you to measure patients’ vitamin D levels quickly and conveniently. Using a single drop of blood collected from the fingertip, the SmarTest Vitamin D app quantifies the concentration of 25(OH) Vitamin D in ng/ml, delivering accurate and quantitative results.  

The easy-to-use test is patient-friendly, and results are stored within the app, allowing you to monitor Vitamin D levels over time and adjust treatment plans as needed.

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QuantOn Cal®: State-of-the-art Calprotectin Detection

QuantOn Cal® is a Health Canada Licensed device that combines the use of an immunological rapid test with a smartphone app to quantify the inflammatory marker calprotectin in stool samples. The test system is designed for self-testing by patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) under the care of a healthcare practitioner. 

The results attained from the QuantOn® technology can help you assess inflammatory activity within the intestines of IBD patients. The test system consists of an immunological rapid test that detects human calprotectin via gold-conjugated anti-calprotectin antibodies and a smartphone app that analyzes results quantitatively. Your patients’ results are sent to you automatically following sample analysis, allowing you to examine inflammatory activity and modify therapy if necessary. 

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Ready to Learn More About QuantOn® Technology?

Get in touch with us for more information about Preventis SmarTest® Vitamin D and QuantOn Cal®.

Preventis SmarTest® Vitamin D is for Research Use Only in North America. 

QuantOn Cal® is Health Canada Licensed. For Research Use Only in the U.S. 

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